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  1. Termopasta  7g silikoon

    Termopasta 7g silikoon

    Ilma käibemaksuta: 1,01 € Käibemaksuga: 1,21 €

    Facilitates the flow of heat between electronic elements and their radiators, necessary for proper functioning of all kinds of temperature sensors, protects against weather factors, prevents from breakdowns, features a very good chemical resistance to oxidation, water solutions of acids, bases, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, features a wide range of operating temperatures: from –50°C to 200°C.
    Properties of Thermoconducting Silicone Paste “H”:
    Density at 20°C: 1.47 G/cm3, Flash point: 350°C, Freezing point: -50°C, Refraction coefficient: 1.405, Specific heat at 50°C: 0.243 Cal /g K, Overall heat-transfer coefficient at 0-150°C: 0.78 W/m K, Dielectric constant at 100 Hz: 4.7 (±0.1), Cross-through resistance: 5 x 1014 Ohm x cm, Loss tangent at f=100 Hz: 0,020 (±0.003), Operating temperature range: -50~200°C Lähemalt
  2. Termopasta 100g silikoon

    Termopasta 100g silikoon

    Ilma käibemaksuta: 3,96 € Käibemaksuga: 4,75 €

    SILH heat transferring silicone paste.

    • Manufacturer: AG CHEMIA
    • Type of chemical agent: heat transferring paste, white
    • Effect: insulates; facilitates heat transfer from electronic device to a heatsink;
    • prevents from moisture; prevents from breakdowns;
    • Operating temperature: -50...200°C
    • Min. breakdown voltage: 30 V/mm
  3. Termopasta 25g silikoon

    Termopasta 25g silikoon

    Ilma käibemaksuta: 3,47 € Käibemaksuga: 4,16 €

    Thermoconductive paste facilitating heat abstraction from an electronic component to a heatsink. Ideal for transistors, diodes and processors. Thermal conductance [W/mK]: 0,88 Temperature range [°C]: -50 to +200 Lähemalt
  4. Thermal compound 10ml HTS10SIL

    Thermal compound 10ml HTS10SIL

    Ilma käibemaksuta: 3,36 € Käibemaksuga: 4,03 €

  5. Thermal compound 20g

    Thermal compound 20g

    Ilma käibemaksuta: 3,47 € Käibemaksuga: 4,16 €

  6. Thermal compound 35g

    Thermal compound 35g

    Ilma käibemaksuta: 6,88 € Käibemaksuga: 8,26 €

  7. Thermal compound 35ml HTS35SIL

    Thermal compound 35ml HTS35SIL

    Ilma käibemaksuta: 8,26 € Käibemaksuga: 9,91 €

7 ese(t)

lehekülje kohta

Nimekiri  Tabel 

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