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Kood: 022183

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1-Channel relay module. The light in the living room, the fountain in the garden, mains outlets in the children’s’ rooms, the electrical car port… these are only some of the things you can control. Switching everything on or off is another option.
  • suppressed relay contacts
  • manual control on the module
  • 16 possible time settings: moment - 5s - 10s - 15s - 30s - 1min - 2 min - 5min - 10min - 15min - 30min - 1h - 2h - 5h - 1day - on/off
  • 9 possible time settings for timer 2 : 5min - 10min - 15min - 30min - 1h - 2h - 5h - 1day - on/off
  • controllable by connecting several push buttons in parallel
  • control through VELBUS
  • programmable without PC
  • easy learning process
  • storage space for 7 different push buttons per control group
  • learned push buttons are saved in case of a power failure
  • report to control modules
  • LED indicators for: relay output, operation modes, power voltage, data reception and forwarding through VELBUS
  • different operation modes: moment control, on/off control, start/stop timer, staircase lighting timer, on-restartable timer, switch-off delay, switch-on delay, start timer by releasing push button, timer with blinking effect, 2-way timer
  • control possibilities: push buttons turning on the relay, push buttons turning off the relay, push buttons turning the relay on or off, push buttons activating the set operation mode, push buttons starting or stopping the timer, push buttons starting or stopping the 2nd timer in the 2-way timer mode, push buttons restarting or stopping the timer (except with moment control or on/off mode), push buttons starting or restarting the 2nd timer in the 2-way timer mode (except with on/off mode)
  • relay contacts: switching capacity with a resistive load: 16A/230Vac max., inductive load: 8A/230Vac max.
  • push button input debounce: 65ms
  • 248 possible addresses
  • power supply: 12VDC...18VDC
  • consumption: 100mA
  • standard DIN-rail housing : 2 modules
  • dimensions : 90 x 36 x 58mm / 3.5 x 1.4 x 2.3"
  • weight: 100g (0.2lbs)
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