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Kit K8035 multifunctional counter

Kit K8035 multifunctional counter

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Kit K8035 multifunctional counter

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- very practical for counting people or parts, scorekeeping, ...
- counts up or down
- count input through on-board push buttons or by external pulses
- display modes: normal or time (hh:mm and mm:ss)
- an internal oscillator allows time measurement
- a memory function constantly compares the current value with a preset value and activates an output for as long as both are equal
- self diagnostic at power up
- comes with easy board-to-wire connector (20cm wire)

- counter input voltage: 3...12Vdc (normal dry contact also possible)
- EQUAL output: 5Vdc / max. 50mA
- max. counting speed: 200 / sec. (2 / sec. with long debounce delay)
- max. count: 4 digits (9999 / 23h59m / 59m59s)
- power supply: 9 - 12Vdc or transformer 2 x 9Vac / 300mA,
- power consumption: 150mA max.
- dimensions: 125 x 75mm (4.9" x 3.0")


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