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Termokahanev lint 50mm x 0,9mm (15m)

Termokahanev lint 50mm x 0,9mm (15m)

Art. nr: T-50

Kood: 029474

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Ilma käibemaksuta: 28,33 € Käibemaksuga: 34,00 €


• Tensile strength: minimum 13 MPa
• Longitudinal shrink: not more than 10%
• The unit dielectric strength: no less than 12kV/mm
• Resistance to UV

Termokahanev lint  50mm x 0,9mm (15m)

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Application: They are mainly applied for cable bundling, repair and insulation of damaged cables and wires and for protecting the cables against mechanical defects and corrosion. Advised for application for any constructional joints as a tight and durable protection.


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