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Impulsi lugeja digitaalne LED ANLY 12-48VDC

Impulsi lugeja digitaalne LED ANLY 12-48VDC

Art. nr: A-AH5CK-12-48V

Kood: 030110

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Ilma käibemaksuta: 64,17 € Käibemaksuga: 77,00 €


• Proximity and photoelectric switch compatible
• Seven-segment-display for clear display and effective monitoring
• Protection against power surge and high frequency interference
• Input signal - active-low or active-high input contact (1+4)
• Reset method - shut-off reset or shorting contact (1+3) instantaneous reset
• Memory switch allows users to enable or disable permanent memory function
• Manual reset button on faceplate

Impulsi lugeja digitaalne LED ANLY 12-48VDC

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• Counting range 9999 • Resetting method electrical, manual • Kind of output SPDT • Kind of input NPN • Max IN1 counting frequency 60Hz • Operating temperature -10...50°C • Mounting hole diameter 45x45mm • Power supply 12...48V AC/DC, 50/60Hz, external • Output electrical parameters 250V AC/5A • Electrical input parameters high level: 4,5...30V, low level: 0...2V


Mõõdud 48x48x87mm
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Kaal (kg) 0.1420
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